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Dear Writers,

Bruce Lucas Films is no longer accepting submissions at this time.

BLF has optioned several properties and we are currently developing them.

Over the past months we have received numerous submissions in all genres.

Some of them were good, some of them were great and some were amazing – but most important we know all of them were from the heart.

Although we have not gotten back to most of you, we want you know how grateful we are for those submissions and that we realize and understand that everyone of those stories were your “baby”…, your work of art that included not only your words, but your sweat and soul as well.

I am not a Writer, I am a Producer and Director, but I would not be in business without you. All work in every facet of our industry begins with the written word. Nothing gets done without it

Many of those stories we read should absolutely be made…and some of them really need to be made… so I will only say that you should in no way be discouraged and keep searching for places, people and contacts to send your stories to.

A number of years ago I had the very good fortune to be invited to sit with the great Martin Scorsese at his home and have a discussion about the industry. When I asked him what, in his opinion was one of the more important stepping stones to success in this business – he answered with just one word: TENACITY.

(TENACITY - dictionary definition: determined, persistent, stubborn, unwilling to except defeat)

I leave you with that bit of great advice as well.

Thank you all for your help, your trust, your belief in us and your participation. If all goes well we will be open to submissions again in the near future.

In the meantime please keep an eye out for our projects in development. You will be able to read about it as it progresses on our blog:

The first being a Sci-Fi Paranormal story entitled “19 Hz” – Stay tuned to,

and the other a family oriented Sci-Fi story entitled: “Twilight Child”.

See you soon, thanks again and Best of Luck!



Bruce Lucas Films.